For YourTexasBenefits, here are frequently asked questions for account holders who are users of the YourTexasBenefits.com website. Consult the relevant help that it offers, if you have any or in case of diversity, contact us through the contacts provided.


In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the latest and most frequently asked questions from YourTexasBenefits users. They always try to make sure that their customers can use the portal without any problem. Take a look at the FAQ below, and you will immediately get the solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Question About The Portal

How can I apply for Food Stamps?

The online method is the easiest way to apply for food stamps. To apply in person, call your local office or the Texas SNAP toll-free number at 1-877-541-7905 for more information.

How to replace a lost or stolen card?

If you lose your card, contact the EBT hotline immediately and dial 1-800-777-7328. These benefits will not be available to you if someone uses your card. So don’t wait any longer and contact the EBT hotline.

How do I renew my grocery coupons?

You will need to reapply before the certification period to renew your food labels. The certification period is six months for all Texas residents. You can also renew your benefits online with a Your Texas Benefits account. You can also create a calendar or note to remind you of the renewal if you want.

I am a Texas Benefits Navigator. Can I help clients find their eligibility details?

No. Their role is to help people who want to buy and manage their services on YourTexasBenefits.com. It is HHSC’s job to determine whether the person is qualified or not.

How do I get my Community Partner ID?

You can get it at TexasBenefits.com or contact your regional support.

If you have any further questions about YourTexasBenefits, please let us know as we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.