The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, with Login YourTexasBenefits, is modernizing state eligibility rules to improve efficiency and relevant services for those who receive and administer state benefits. As part of this effort, HHSC is working with community organizations to help people discover how to get the most out of HHSC’s online portal, YourTexasBenefits.com.


To support these efforts, HHSC is building a national network of joint ventures that can help those who enforce their YourTexasBenefits claims and seek their income, such as food, cash, and medical assistance. This affiliate program offers a growing network of companies that are qualified and can teach Texans how to use YourTexasBenefits for them. Community Affiliate Groups describe a wide range of government, social, religious, and nonprofit groups on Login YourTexasBenefits.

As a community partner, the company works with HHSC to determine the level of service it can provide to the community. HHSC offers online training and certifies community members and staff assistants to complete the training. The organization also collects reports from the HHSC that confirm the number of people it supports.


For more information on the Community Affiliate Program, click the Questions and Answers link on the official website YourTexasBenefits.com for more information. Users can also send an email on behalf of the organization and attach contact details or call 1-254-710-7070 directly. If your business participates in the plan, click the Interest Form link at the top of this page to complete and submit the form. HHS provides food, medical, and financial assistance to Texas residents and residents.

Account-holders must verify that users are eligible by registering at YourTexasBenefits.com. Whether it’s Medicaid, SNAP Food Services, formerly known as Vouchers, or temporary help for homeless families, HHS supports better families in Texas.